Our shared private cloud solution uses our Switzerland-located cloud (Geneva and Zurich). It is aimed at companies that want to outsource their entire physical infrastructure.

We offer a complete computing environment, via a totally digital global solution with, in particular: virtual servers, virtual or non-virtual desktops, firewalls, VPN, load balancing and extended VXLANs.

The management of this type of project is carried out with the same structure, in other words, coordination, migration, implementation, management.


  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Full and accurate response to needs through virtual servers in a shared environment
  • Integrated network and security
  • DRP available
  • Infrastructure fully managed by iXion (monitoring, updates…)

The advantages for you

  • Simplified version updates
  • Access your work environment from a landline or laptop from anywhere
  • Fully secure solution with an on demand infrastructure
  • Data stored in Switzerland
  • Support and backups included
  • Reducing your investments