Your computer production and your data are essential to the continuity of your activities. The real question being: how long can you do without your computer, your applications, your emails or your files? What is an acceptable duration in the event your data is lost or a damage occurs in your computer room?

We help you answer these questions and can provide you with business recovery plan (PCA) solutions using our private cloud in Switzerland.


  • Complete replication of your infrastructure on our Swiss Cloud
  • Replication of critical services only
  • Test plan and damage simulation
  • Access from any site of your infrastructure in case of damage
  • Access for all your users to the replicated infrastructure or only to a limited number to optimise costs

The advantages for you

  • Guarantee that your data is protected
  • Minimize your financial impact with the continuity of your activities
  • Unbeatable price compared to the management of a 2nd computer room
  • Flexible options based on critical services
  • Only the space used is invoiced