Firewall - UTM

Next-generation firewalls have become the standard for security and networking today. They give you a much higher level of security across all wired and wireless networks.

These new technologies inspect every byte of every packet, while providing the high performance and low latency required by heavily loaded networks. They also offer high-performance SSL inspection and decryption features, an intrusion prevention system (IPS) with advanced anti-evasion technology, and network protection against malware that takes advantage of the power of the Cloud.

This powerful association allows us to block new, sophisticated threats that pop up every day.

We support you in the upgrade or choice of your firewall according to your needs, the number of your employees and the level of security required.


  • Application firewall allowing application control (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Anti-virus
  • Intrusion Prevention, (IDS/IPS)
  • VPN (secure remote access to your branches).
  • Monthly reporting of traffic for audit purposes
  • SSL inspection for filtering encrypted sites (more than 30% of web traffic)
  • Authenticating your users
  • Byte by byte inspection of your packets while ensuring high performance with minimum latency.

The advantages for you

  • Latest generation firewall
  • ISO 27001 certified material
  • Incorporating best practices
  • Graphical configuration
  • Continuous protection against the latest threats