Strong Authentication

SSL VPN and strong authentication

Resource mobility has become an essential element in companies today. Users require a secure, easily deployable solution for remote access and control of endpoints. IT must also support and control remote computers, while managing remote access spikes to prepare for incidents and damage.

This increasing demand for the access of your users to your IT resources from outside (home, travel) must be met in a secure and controlled way. Strong authentication of your users via token (physical, mobile or SMS) goes together with the establishment of a VPN access.


  • Seamless integration behind most firewalls
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Rigorous unified rules
  • Two-factor authentication
  • High availability
  • Control of endpoints (for example, allowing login only from a company computer)

The advantages for you

  • Remote and local access from a single platform
  • Safe and secure access for all: Allows authorised users, including employees, remote workers, mobile workers, contractors, guests, customers to have remote network access and secure local access.