The time of simple malicious programs, developed by amateurs simply seeking to make a name for themselves, is long gone. Today, organised crime is the source of most malware, with the sole purpose of making money.

As its name suggests, ransomware is a specific type of malicious program that attempts to extract a ransom, in exchange for unlocking access to a resource that belongs to the victim.

In the case of cryptolockers, the "kidnapped" resources are the files and data stored on the infected device. The cryptovirus encrypts the victim's data in an unreadable form that can then only be decoded using the necessary decryption key. This key is transmitted by the criminal after payment of the ransom by the victim.

We work with leading market companies to provide you with multi-level security to help protect your business from known, unknown and advanced threats ... including cryptoviruses.


  • Protection technology against ransomware/cryptolocker
  • Application control and whitelist
  • Security of the messaging system
  • Phishing protection
  • Compatible on the main systems available on the market (PC, windows, mac, mobile, virtual servers, Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

The advantages for you

  • System managed by our teams
  • Comprehensive, market-leading antivirus system
  • Consolidated management through a console for more control and ease of update