Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Standardizing and managing your workstations has never been easier than with VDI!

Our teams of certified and highly experienced engineers ensure the establishment of virtual workstation infrastructures.

We offer you complete control of your computer fleet from a single console, managed by you or by our Service Desk.


  • Centralisation and security of workstations in the data centre
  • Speed ​​of deployment of additional work stations.
  • Automating maintenance tasks and reducing the time allocated to these tasks
  • Automatic failover and high availability
  • Access to your workstation from any location
  • Integration with our iXdrp solution (disaster recovery plan)
  • Monitoring and load balancing

The advantages for you

  • Simplicity, flexibility and speed
  • Updating of user stations with one click
  • You focus your IT teams on projects rather than on lengthy and expensive maintenance