Storage is where the heart of your information lies. That's why we offer solutions over which we have complete control.

When setting up your storage system for your data or virtual machines, it is essential to configure the system according to the rules established by the different manufacturers. Our certified engineers continuously take part in ongoing training to maintain their skills and the right to configure these systems.


  • Redundancy of the storage system
  • Security and durability of your data
  • Performance and automatic management according to the needs of services (Sata, SAS and SSD)
  • Integrate with our iXion cloud replication solution so there is a copy of your data off-site.
  • Monitoring in case of a faulty disk and automatic feedback

The advantages for you

  • Significant experience in managing and monitoring backups
  • Sizing according to needs
  • Sustainability of the systems implemented
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Implementation of best practices