Service Level Management

A named member of the iXion team takes care of all of your monitoring and is dedicated to your needs. This service level manager (SLM) will be your unique and permanent contact person whatever your needs, problems or requests for advice on computer upgrading.

During the service takeover period, our SLM will draft, with your collaboration, a service agreement with the various linked SLA/SLOs. We regularly measure defined service levels (SLA/SLOs) through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


  • SLA/SLOs contracted according to specific needs
  • Defining the service catalogue
  • Monthly reporting according to the defined KPI
  • Dedicated SLM for indicator tracking
  • Service commitment

The advantages for you

  • Establishment of administrative supports
  • Definition of the operational tracking of the project
  • Strategic alignment assurance
  • Optimisation of the project portfolio
  • Management of interactions between projects
  • Guaranteed resource allocation