Try & Hire

After a minimum period of 6 months in delegation, we give you the opportunity to permanently recruit an employee at no additional cost. This period allows you to get to know your future employee and reassure you about any risks inherent in a fixed contract trial period.

We use the same recruitment process as we do for pure personnel, a truly analysis and consultation-based approach. We can select for you the best candidates with the skills to contribute to the success of your company.


  • Personalised interview with the candidate
  • Skills assessment
  • Reference checks
  • Multiple areas of expertise to meet your needs

The advantages for you

  • Long-term test before firm commitment
  • Monitoring of personnel by our teams guaranteed throughout the mandate
  • Dynamic co-management
  • Discussion with the team leader, regular feedback, personnel satisfaction check
  • Strengthening your internal teams
  • Mobilisation of very high level experts for a defined period
  • Management flexibility in your IT teams

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