GLOBALTECH summit in Lausanne


This will be the leitmotiv of the Lausanne 2018 GlobalTech Summit taking place on 20 September 2018!
Technology has the potential to change lives, not only in developing countries, but also in our modern society.

The Summit will also be the venue for a think tank and extension group.
GlobalTech Summit aims to bring influencers and C-level players in all ecosystems the latest trends in technology.
2 plenary sessions and 4 arenas will link us up with IT, Fintech, REgtec, Legaltech, Edtech, HRTech, Med/Healthtech, Cleantech and more.

As a preferred partner, iXion Services SA will participated at various moments in the plenary sessions and in Arena A on the topic “Fintech, IT”, among top-notch speakers in their respective fields.

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