iXion, local partner for your global IT

An innovative Swiss IT company, iXion Services SA supports the global IT infrastructure of its customers. It is renowned in Switzerland as a competent, reliable, flexible and innovative IT partner. Its main activities are system integration and services management.

Founded in 2005, iXion employs more than 100 highly qualified members of staff, distributed between its headquarters in Chexbres (VD) and its offices in Meyrin (GE) and Sion (VS). A self-financed company, it achieves 80% of its turnover in IT services and is seeing a steady growth in its business volume. IXion now has more than 170 customers across many industries, managing no fewer than 1,250 servers and 14,000 users.

Other entities of the iXion Group

To expand its services and respond to market demand, the iXion group has grouped together its staff delegation activities under the form of mandate and/or leasing of services for all types of IT personnel under the brand name aXelerateur

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Sylog Consulting is iXion's central purchasing department. It brings you the most appropriate technological solutions and guarantees you the most favourable financial conditions as well as meticulous tracking of contract renewals.

B4F ixion

B4F (Business For Fun), a company that has become a major player in tourism internet services equipping many European destinations (including Switzerland) with its e-tourism solutions and capitalizing on its initial skills as a web agency and a professional software package publisher.

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Direction team

Vincent Scheidegger


Jean-Christophe Gourmel

Directeur Axelerateur Ressources Humaines IT

François Corminboeuf

Service Level Manager

Bernard Girault

Directeur des Ventes

Marek Harych

PMO / Controlling

Philippe Nardin


Amintore Savini


Expertise, knowledge and shared values

The foundations of Ixion are firmly rooted in its charter of values shared by all its employees : Perseverance, Excellence, Respect

iXion's a hundred or so employees are its greatest resource and source of pride. The knowledge and experience they have acquired together in recent years have generated strong professional cohesion, understanding and high-level skills. The company relies heavily on the following levers:

  • Continuous development of team spirit
  • Continuous quality awareness
  • Capitalising on best practices
  • Continuing training

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