Orif and iXion Services SA partners

Every day, by combining training, support and integration, we are simultaneously immersed in the heart of social cohesion and the economic fabric. With this dual positioning, this mission and our commitment, Orif and iXion Services SA have launched an exclusive collaboration.

After careful reflection, iXion Services SA and Orif, guided by a desire to make a decisive contribution to a "better way of life" for vulnerable populations, at risk of exclusion, and for society to "live together", have decided to bring their skills centres together.

Together, we have agreed on a partnership aiming to develop specialised dual mode-based "Service Desk" training, bringing together the theoretical aspects and the practical aspects of the profession.

This is a matter of validating, in addition to the "IT help" AFP or the 3-year CFC that will succeed it, a high-quality specialisation on user support/Service Desk, to promote the professional integration of people suffering from health problems and to meet the staffing needs of IT environments.

At the end of their training, apprentices (if successful in their exams) will receive a certificate of vocational training (AFP or CFC) with certification from Orif ? iXion Services SA in User Support/Service Desk.

The collaboration between Orif and iXion Services could also extend to the training of "computer scientist" apprentices, a 4-year CFC, taking various forms (internships, takeover of apprenticeship contracts, etc.)



Training Company

Positioned at the very heart of the values ​​of iXion Services SA, the apprenticeship commitment ensures knowledge and skills are transmitted and the easy transition of young people into, in particular new technologies. Since 2012, iXion Services SA supports and trains "Computer scientist" apprentices. 

From left to right: Stéphane Francey, Director Orif Pomy | Jacques Nicolerat, Financial and Administrative Director, Orif | Eric Borgeaud, Director of Adult Education, Orif | Nadine Thalmann, PR Manager, iXion Services SA | Aurélia Pfister, Human Resources Manager, iXion Services SA | Vincent Scheidegger, CEO, iXion Services SA


Vincent Scheidegger, CEO, iXion Services SA and Stéphane Francey, Director Orif Pomy


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