Orif and iXion Services SA sign a partnership agreement

Every day, by combining training, support and integration, we are simultaneously immersed in the heart of social cohesion and the economic fabric. With this dual positioning, this mission and our commitment, Orif and iXion Services SA have launched an exclusive collaboration.

After careful reflection, iXion Services SA and Orif, guided by a desire to make a decisive contribution to a "better way of life" for vulnerable populations, at risk of exclusion, and for society to "live together", have decided to bring their skills centres together.

Together, we have agreed on a partnership aiming to develop specialised dual mode-based "Service Desk" training, bringing together the theoretical aspects and the practical aspects of the profession.

This is a matter of validating, in addition to the "IT help" AFP or the 3-year "IT engineer" CFC that will succeed it, a high-quality specialisation relating to user support/Service Desk, to promote the professional integration of people suffering from health problems and to meet the staffing needs of IT environments.

At the end of their training, apprentices (if successful in their exams) will receive a certificate of vocational training (AFP/CFC) with certification from Orif iXion Services SA in User Support/Service Desk.

Vincent Scheidegger, CEO: "As a training company, it is important for me to be able to help motivated and skilled people. Especially in this current context that is marked by a chronic shortage of computer scientists in the market, it is a duty to provide opportunities for retraining people with a real chance of successful reintegration. »

Stéphane Francey, Director of Orif Pomy: "The training and professional integration of each person is about rights and equal opportunities, but is only made concrete by the companies themselves. By taking part in an initiative to integrate people with health problems represents an opportunity for companies, which not only benefit from their professional skills, especially within a field that needs new employees, but also benefit from the skills these people have acquired in the face of adversity. Our partnership can only be a win-win solution.

About Orif

For nearly 70 years, Orif's mission has been to provide observation, training and socio-occupational integration for people with health problems or difficulties. In Romandy, it creates and manages adapted structures and develops all measures promoting socio-professional integration in order to fulfil the mandates entrusted by socio-economic partners.

Founded in 1968, the Orif Centre in Pomy offers some 150 places for orientation, assessment and professional training, in the service professions, office-commerce and computer science, and in laboratory professions. Orif successfully trains and integrates the quality of its multidisciplinary teams and its large network of partner companies with proven expertise.

For information: www.orif.ch

About iXion Services SA

iXion Services SA, your local IT partner

An innovative Swiss IT company, iXion Services SA supports the global IT infrastructure of its customers. It is renowned in Switzerland as a competent, reliable, flexible and innovative IT partner. Its main activities are system integration and services management.

Created in 2005, iXion Services SA employs more than 100 highly qualified employees, distributed between its head office in Chexbres (VD) and its offices in Meyrin (GE) and Martigny (VS). A self-financed company, it achieves 80% of its turnover in IT services and is seeing a steady growth of its business volume. iXion Services SA now has more than 150 customers across many business sectors, managing no fewer than 1,100 servers and 12,500 users.

For information: www.ixion-groupe.ch/formation


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